Skyesong Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers was originally registered with the Canine Control Council of Queensland (now Dogs Queensland) in 1999. In 2010, we moved to Victoria and became registered with Dogs Victoria and we are enjoying the new opportunities in dog sports that are open to us, whilst remaining focused on training and breeding the all purpose Toller, with emphasis on the breed's inherent working ability, combined with strong conformation and performance capabilities.  

Skyesong Tollers began when my first Toller joined the household.  Skye was everything I ever wanted in a dog, and through the encouragement of other breeders I began to explore the world of competitive canine events, beginning with conformation showing and obedience, onto agility and even branching out into the more obscure areas such as endurance, lure coursing, flyball and frisbee.   With Skye at my side, we traveled to many different venues, covering many miles, from Darwin to Adelaide to Melbourne and everywhere in between.   

Skyesong remain devoted to the development of the breed and the diversity of the bloodlines.  Our bloodlines include dogs imported from overseas from health tested stock, in order to ensure that our lines remain healthy and capable of doing the work they are bred for.

We are currently working and training around Australia in many venues.   Skyesong Tollers compete in many different types of events, proving their versatility and flexibility as a sporting dog, performance dog, show dog, obedience dog, agility dog, and more!.     And whilst Tollers not only make great competition dogs for the performance home, they also make a loving and loyal family companion, devoted to their families, and ready for any adventure that may be happening!





Top Photograph by Teela-G Photography